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Hot Topic "Optogenetics"

Ernst Bamberg at Photonics West 2013.

Optogenetics and Other Tools For Analyzing and Engineering Neural Circuits

Ed Boyden at the Case Western Reserve University.

Optogenetics as a potential new tool for therapy in epilepsy

Scaling up neuroscience: optogenetic neural recording

Purdue BME seminar Feb 15th 2012.

Advances in Neural Interfaces: From Signal Processing to Optogenetics

Could technology someday help physicians repair or replace damaged portions of the nervous system? In his talk at the University of Washington, Caleb Kemere of Stanford University/UC San Francisco says this idea is not so far-fetched. Advances in signal processing, embedded systems and photonics are helping scientists and engineers understand the human brain.

Optogenetics: A light switch for neurons

Ed Boyden's TED talk: A light switch for neurons

Ed Boyden at the Allen Institute for Brain Science Symposium

Gero Miesenboeck reengineers a brain, TED talk, July 2010

Method of the Year 2010: Optogenetics, by Nature Video

Controlling the Brain with Light, by Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University

The Beginnings of Optogenetics, Hebrew University, Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience

Electro-Medicine : Biological Physics - Optogenetics : Blind Mice, No Longer