Single Optrodes


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Gluing an optical fiber onto recordings wires

custom single optrode
High magnification picture (~x400) of a custom single optrode. A 0.48 NA multimode fiber (BFL48-200 from Thorlabs) was glued onto a 120 μm Platinum-Iridium single electrode (FHC) using cyanoacrylate glue. Courtesy of Guillaume Dugué.
Thomas Recording optrode
The Thomas Recording optrode features a quartzglass insulated Platinum/Tungsten microelectrode or tetrode fiber combined with a glass fiber. Outer electrode shaft diameter (top in above picture): 80 μm (single electrode fiber) or 100μm (tetrode fiber). Outer glass fiber diameter: 120μm. Courtesy of Thomas Recording.

Gold metallization cladding of a tapered optical fiber

Single optrode obtained by metalizing a tapered optical fiber (from [1])
  • Zhang et al 2009 [1]
  • Wang et al 2012 [2]

Dual-core fiberoptics–based microprobes

LeChasseur et al. (2011) designed an optical fiber composed of an optical core to locally excite and collect fluorescence, and an electrolyte-filled (1–3 M NaCl) hollow core for extracellular single unit recording.


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