Rabies and Pseudorabies

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These confocal images of intrinsic fluorescence, taken back to back using identical instrument settings, show cortical pyramidal cells retrogradely infected either with a lentivirus pseudotyped with the rabies virus glycoprotein and expressing EGFP driven by the cytomegalovirus promoter, or with the recombinant rabies virus SADΔG-EGFP. (a–c) Lentivirus. (d) The rabies virus SADΔG-EGFP. Scale bars, 150 μm. From [1].


Name Gene 1 Gene 2 Reference
SADΔG-GCaMP3 GCaMP3 (1.4 kb) ————— [2]
SADΔG-GCaMP3-DsRedX GCaMP3 (1.4 kb) DsRedX (0.7 kb) [2]
SADΔG-ChR2-mCherry channelrhodopsin2-mCherry (1.6 kb) ————— [2]


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