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Summary of available variants

Photoactivated Adenylyl Cyclases (PACs)

Acronym Species Description Refs
euPACα Euglena gracilis One of the two light activated adenylyl cyclases of the green flagellate Euglena gracilis. It is a 1019 amino acid protein consisting of two photoreceptor units (F) and two catalytic units (C), which constitute a F2C2 heterodimer. The photoreceptor units are of BLUF type (Blue light receptors using FAD). In the light the activity is enhanced 80 fold compared to the dark activity. euPAC has been proven to be functional in Xenopus oocytes, HEK cells, Drosophila, Aplysia and hypocampal neurons. Schröder-Lang et al., 2007, Weissenberger et al., 2011[2, 3]
euPACβ Euglena gracilis euPACβ is the second light-activated adenylyl cyclases of Euglena gracilis. It consists like euPACα of two photoreceptor units (F) and two catalytic units (C). It forms in the flagellate a heterotetrameric complex α2β2. In host systems euPACβ is less active than euPACα and its functionality has so far only been tested in Xenopus oocytes. Schröder-Lang et al., 2007, [2]
bPAC (BlaC) Beggiatoa sp. PS bPAC is a small 315 amino acid long light-acivated adenylyl cyclase consisting of only one BLUF-Type sensory domain and one catalytic domain. The cyclase activity is enhanced in the light 300 fold. bPAC has been shown to be active in oocytes, HEK-cells, Drosophila, and hippocampal neurons. Stierl et al., 2010, [4]

Photoactivated Guanylyl Cyclases

Acronym Species Description Refs
BlgC Beggiatoa sp. PS [4]

Properties of available variants


Available constructs


Name Description Map Lab Addgene
bPAC photoactivated adenylyl cyclase from Beggiatoa sp. PS Hegemann Lab plasmid 28135


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