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Available technologies in the fields of wireless transmission and powering allow the construction of lightweight headstages that can be controlled and can transmit data remotely. Recent efforts have yielded several miniaturized wirelessly controlled light sources for optogenetics integrating LEDs.

Mouse equipped with the LED device by Iwai et al. [1].
Mouse equipped with the LED device by Wentz et al. [2].

Battery powered devices

[Here description of the work by the team of Hajime Hirase]. [1].


Picture of the NeuroFly implant. Credit Hatim Zariwala.

University of Washington and Seattle Children's Research Institute introduces NeuroFly, a fully autonomous battery powered wireless device for optogenetic stimulation using LED based systems and read out of behavior. Make inquiries at tryneurofly@gmail.com

CerebraLux: a low-cost, open-source, wireless probe for optogenetic stimulation[Robel Dagnew et al.]

The 2015-16 Bioengineering Capstone Group F at the University of California, Los Angeles created the CerebraLux, an open-source, wireless optogenetic stimulator for their Senior design project. As an open-source project, the stimulator is free to create and use, and we encourage other laboratories to improve and build upon our design. Our device was recently published in the Journal of Neurophotincs and is open access. Full performance specifications and all design files for the device can be found here.

Wirelessly powered devices

Kendall Research Systems

The KRS Optogenetics Platform by Kendall Research Systems. Check [2] for details about the device.

Kendall Research Systems, a spin-out company from Ed Boyden's lab sells fully wireless LED illumination devices with or without integrated optical fibers. The basis of this technology is described in a paper by Wentz et al [2].


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