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OpenOptogenetics was created during the summer of 2010 by Guillaume P. Dugué. In a bit more than a year, the wiki counted more than 100 registered users.

OpenOptogenetics ambitions to provide an online collaborative resource for researchers using optogenetics. Its goal is to promote, facilitate and democratize the use of optogenetic approaches in biological research.

OpenOptogenetics embraces a comprehensive view of optogenetics which includes genetically-addressable tools for:

  • highlighting and photosensitizing cell populations.
  • monitoring cellular activities and functions.
  • controlling (activating and inhibiting) cellular activities and functions.

OpenOptogenetics provides background knowledge, an inventory of available optogenetic tools and their characteristics, tips and protocols, reviews of commercially available equipment and bibliographic references. OpenOptogenetics is an open wiki, just like Wikipedia, and therefore is also an attempt to promote “open research”, where researchers make clear accounts of their methodology and share them with their colleagues without the intermediary of a publication.